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We have put together this short questionnaire to help you prepare for your wedding reception. Please try to answer all the questions prior to our next conversation or meeting. We will be going over your responses to help personalize your wedding day. The suggestions offered within are merely recommendations and you may stray from them as much as desired.


1. Will there be a reception line at the hall:       Yes ___ No ___


2. Announcement of any special guests:        Yes ___ No ___  


3. Blessing:                                            Yes ___ No ___


4. Toast:                                                  Yes ___ No ___


5. Cutting of the cake:                           Yes ___ No ___


  1. Traditional cutting of the cake with song and feeding of the bride and groom

  2. Non traditional music for the cutting of the cake

  3. Private cake cutting with photographer coordinating the activity for photographers. (Low key with little attention and music of your choice)

The cutting of the cake, is a ceremony that is intended to symbolize caring and sharing with one another. We recommend that forks be used as they make the image very attractive for the photographer and video person. Forks also will minimize the possibility of someone being hurt with the more playful squashing that sometimes happens.


6. Bride and Father Dance:                   Yes ___ No ___

(Traditionally "Daddy's Little Girl" is the song of choice, but "Unforgettable", "Thank Heaven for Little Girls", "Butterfly Kisses" or any other song that is appropriate for you can be used.)

If your father is not able to attend, it would be appropriate to have the person who gave you away at the service stand in, If there are brothers, grandfathers, uncles present; calling out the different male members of the family to dance with the bride makes for an excellent scene.


7. Groom and Mother Dance:                   Yes ___ No ___

(Any slow song is acceptable, but "Wind Beneath My Wings", "Through The Years", "Times of Your Life", "A Song For My Son" or any other song that is appropriate for you can be used.)


8. Giving away of Centerpieces:           Yes ___ No ___

(This should be done during the meal. Sooner rather than later.)


9: Garter and Bouquet:                           Yes ___ No ___


10. Song and types of Music you don't want to hear:




11. Songs and types of music you do want to hear:


Please attach your list


12. Will there be a Photographer:           Yes ___ No ___

        Will there be a Videographer:           Yes ___ No ___


Please include there names and phone numbers


13. How did the two of you meet?



14. What concerns are important to you regarding your DJ and the way he/she coordinates your reception?




15. Where is the ceremony being held?



16. Where is the reception being held?


Please include the managers name and phone number


17. Where and when will you be spending your honeymoon?



On your entry into the hall, would it be appropriate to introduce you as "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith"?

(This is the traditional approach to introducing couples.)

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ( ______ ) ________________________________ Date: ________________





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